Oils Platinum for passenger cars and light trucks

Engines recommended by the manufacturer using oils with intermediate SAPS levels.The Volkswagen Standard 004 504/007 meets standard fuel oils using modern fuel-powered engines.

Oils for agriculture, horticulture and tillage

High quality oil designed to lubricate cutting system (series) and saw blades used in Forests, orchards and others, and it can also be used to lubricate other machinery used in all forests filed.

Motor oils for motorcycles to protect the engines.

Industrial oil specially designed for sports and motorcycle engines, which has the ability to withstand high temperatures Which helps protect the engine and fulfills the required environmental.

Motor oils for trucks, and heavy equipment

Mack Meets the requirements of: MAN; Mack; Volvo;Renault;DAF; MAZ,Synthetic motor oil of the latest generation UHPDO is specially designed for diesel engines European countries that meet the highest emission standards.

Platinum Oils and hydraulic system vehicles

Highly efficient oils for high-voltage motors on the gearbox being efficient and carefully designed to lubricate all types of gears, It can be used in manual transmission parts and power transmission in hydraulic systems

Oils for manual transmission and rear axles

Meets the requirements of:  MAN; Mercedes-Benz ;Volvo; Renault, High performance multi-grade gear oil is intended for use in mechanical gearboxes Passenger cars, trucks and buses operating under difficult operating conditions.

Lubricating oils

It is manufactured by mineral oils with a combination of lithium and hydroxysterite and contains additives Anti-corrosion and oxidation-enhancing lubricants and operates at a temperature of -30 ° C below zero to 120 ° C above zero.

Detergents for automobiles

It quickly removes ice from the closed and slippery joints and is exposed to low temperatures and protects the pieces from rust. The stainless steel spray is also used to open the worn nails and melt the sediment.

Oils and fluids maintenance

Grease Break is used in passenger cars, buses, trailers and trailers and according to the operating instructions of each vehicle, A new generation of Grease Break with excellent performance. Boiling point 260 ° C