Passenger Car Oils

REVLINE ULTRA RACE synthetic engine oil was developed for the lubrication and protection of the most demanding gasoline engines used in cars designed for performance driving. Carefully selected additives and oil bases allow for the maximum use of engine power, while ensuring its full protection.

Brake fluids

REVLINE brake fluid is designed for highly-loaded hydraulic braking and clutch systems of passenger cars, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles for which the instruction manual recommends the use of brake fluid in the DOT-4 quality class.

Motorcycle oils

Modern REVLINE ULTRA MOTO engine oil intended for use in sports motorcycles (rally, racing, cross) equipped with two-stroke gasoline engines of the latest design. Also recommended for use in urban riding. Provides effective lubrication in the most difficult operating conditions.


Heavy goods vehicle Multi-function

Cooling fluids

Revline coolant is a ready-made preparation that protects against freezing in climatic conditions in Poland.

Gear and transmission oils

Automatic Transmission Fluid Revline Automatic ATF IID gear oil is intended for use in automatic transmissions of passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machinery and other vehicles for which the manufacturer recommends the use of ATF IID oil. It can also be used in devices supporting steering systems and in hydraulic systems requiring the use of ATF oil.