About Us

Almowan Company for General Trading and Contracting and Commercial Agencies and Industrial Investments LTD. is a leading company operating in the Iraqi market since 2015. Throughout these years, the company has set a clear goal of creating a unique institutional entity that is compatible with global standards to achieve a qualitative leap in the field of general trading and agencies. We strive to create unconventional ideas by directing all our energies and experiences towards satisfying our customers, in order to be their first choice.
Since its establishment, we have been able to build a good reputation, through which we have gained the trust of many customers and provided them with high-quality products that meet their requirements and desires.

A word from the Managing Director

It all started as a dream, and then, thanks to Allah and the effort of the dedicated employees of Al Mawan, it became a reality. We have overcome difficulties and achieved success after success, until we reached the forefront of companies in Iraq. We spared no effort to maintain our position at the top, in light of the economic growth and renaissance that the country is going through. Therefore, we have been keen on continuous development to enhance the efficiency of the company with policies and strategic plans aimed at effectively contributing to enriching our society and gaining the trust of our customers by establishing the principles of credibility, professionalism, and commitment.
What we do

Our Philosophy